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Top 10 Order Fulfillment Solution Companies - 2020

From a customer’s purchase throughout shipping to eventual delivery, there are multiple processes that may cause issues with successful delivery. A slight human error can disrupt the entire supply chain process and potentially draw negative criticism toward a company. For this reason, many companies are automating the process with order fulfillment solutions and services. Businesses no longer have to rely on outdated methods to track inventory, invoicing, billing, order picking, and shipments. Order fulfillment covers the different processes from when a sale takes place all the way through delivery to a customer. Activities within a distribution center or warehouse, from the receiving to the shipping dock, including all the steps between to store, pick, and pack orders, as well as the supporting information systems, are part of the order fulfillment process.

The order fulfillment solution should complement and support a business’ online sales channels, especially from a technology standpoint. Automation technologies will continue to play a vital role in helping organizations to improve overall productivity. This ensures that any order placed in any of the sales channels is automatically directed to fulfillment operations so that the product can be picked, packed, and shipped in a timely manner. While some businesses still prefer on-premise solutions, the possibilities of real-time tracking and analytics that come with cloud-based order fulfillment solutions have a massive potential to make processing more efficient. Besides, data analytics helps unlock trends and patterns related to fulfillment delays and predict demand, which in turn enables a business to create preemptive strategies to deal with these issues.

At this juncture, there is a wide variety of order fulfillment companies entering the market with a set of advanced offerings. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed solutions and services, Logistics Tech Outlook has compiled a list of leading order fulfillment vendors. The enlisted organizations are enabling businesses to remain competitive and build customer loyalty. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Logistics Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Order Fulfillment Solution Providers 2020."

    Top Order Fulfillment Solution Companies

  • The company is a global leader in providing value-driven, end-to-end supply chain management software solutions. Wolin Design Group's successful track record for innovative solutions spans 20 years of reliable service to clients in various industries, including supply chain logistics, third-party logistics, distribution, transportation, EDI, and more. Today, the Group's solutions and services enable clients to manage over 95 million square feet of space with over 1,000,000 orders and 9,000 loads daily


  • BergenLogistics


    Bergen Logistics is a leading pick/pack and e-com fulfillment warehouse. The company's serve fashion companies as well as cosmetics, soft goods, media, toys and home furnishing. Bergen specializes in GOH and flat packed items for B2B as well as B2C distribution. We have facilities on both coasts of the US, Canada as well as the EU and HK. Our WEB based WMS allows full transparency to our clients which puts us at the technology front of the industry

  • Brightpearl


    Brightpearl is a retail operations platform for retailers and wholesalers. The company's mission is clear: automate the back office so merchants can spend their time and money growing their businesses. Brightpearl's complete back-office solution includes financial management, inventory and sales order management, purchasing and supplier management, CRM, fulfillment, warehousing and logistics. Also, Brightpearl has high-performing connectors to the major ecommerce platforms, including Magento, BigCommerce and Shopify. Over 1,200 businesses in 26 countries use the company's platform and manage over 10 million transactions and USD 3 billion of business a year

  • Carter Controls

    Carter Controls

    CCS is a leader in automated material handling and industrial automation solutions. The company designs, manufactures, and implements both standard and custom warehouse automation solutions. No project is too large or too small, and CCS understand how to provide a phased-in approach that allows future growth for its customers. The company stands by its clients whether they are taking the first steps into automation or outfitting an entire facility. CCS's guiding principles are embedded in everything they do. With over 300 employees and 40 plus years of experience in the material handling and supply chain industry, CCS provide expertise in a full range of equipment, controls, software, and services

  • Cornerstone Automation Systems

    Cornerstone Automation Systems

    Cornerstone Automation Systems, LLC (CASI) designs, manufactures, installs and services state-of-the-art turnkey automation solutions for pharmacy and warehouse fulfillment. The company dives deep into its customers' fulfillment processes and data to develop intelligent automated solutions that optimize our customers' business flow. CASI understands that every business is unique, so instead of trying to sell its customers a one-size-fits-all solution, the comapny designs each of its systems to be flexible, scalable and modular. CASI's goal is to provide the right balance of high-tech automation and necessary human operations - to maximize efficiency, accuracy, and profitability for each of its customers

  • Hibbert


    Hibbert is a leading integrated communications solutions provider supporting the global marketing needs of Fortune 500 clients. The company supports multiple industries and specialize in the Life Science, Semiconductor and Telecommunications verticals. Hibbert provides intuitive management and delivery of our client's digital and physical assets worldwide. The company's core services cover a full range of integrated marketing solutions, including database services, customer engagement, global fulfillment, and professional services. Hibbert provides comprehensive technology solutions to drive the delivery of every element of our client's digital marketing programs

  • Highway 905

    Highway 905

    Highway 905 is an award-winning cloud-based supply chain execution software and business logistics services provider focused on designing a highly optimized and smart logistics network for its customers. Headquartered in New Jersey, for the past 25 plus years, the company has been the trusted logistics technology partner for a variety of businesses from large-scale global enterprises to medium-scale businesses to family-owned firms, across Northern America and Europe. Highway 905 provides the flexibility of opting end to end cloud-based logistics suites (WMS, TMS, STAS) or to customize product bundle with the option to pick and choose from its 20 plus add ons

  • Lean Supply Solutions

    Lean Supply Solutions

    Lean Supply Solutions is focused on providing innovative solutions for a large and diverse base of multinational, regional, and local companies, including clients operating in industries with unique supply chain requirements. Using a unique blend of lean processes, leading-edge IT systems and application of world-class quality systems, the company provides quantifiable value for its clients. Lean Supply's mission is to quantifiably enhance its clients' competitiveness by providing innovative, leading-edge solutions in lean supply chain management. The company strives to provide world-class service and establish its client relationships on trust, professionalism, accessibility, and leading-edge technology and processes

  • Logiwa


    Logiwa is an industry-leading cloud-based order fulfillment, warehouse and inventory management software that has served retail, e-commerce, wholesale, and 3PL businesses worldwide for over a decade. The company's warehouse management software specializes in cloud-based order fulfillment, inventory and warehouse management. Its flexible and reliable warehouse software continues to assist businesses in retail, e-commerce, wholesale and 3PL industries. With hundreds of successful implementations, Logiwa is the industry-leading warehouse management system that offers enterprise-level functionality to small and medium businesses. The company provides scalability by incorporating automation to improve warehouse efficiency, increase sales and reduce labor costs

  • ShipBob


    ShipBob is a privately held technology company founded in 2014 that offers simple, fast, and affordable fulfillment for e-commerce businesses. The company, an end to end solution provider, provides warehousing and package delivery in 1-2 business days, with a network of fulfillment centers across the US. ShipBob’s software combines order and inventory management, customer communication, predictive insights, and optimized shipping for online merchants. ShipBob’s software is also fully integrated with leading e-commerce platforms, including eBay, Shopify, Amazon, Magento, and many more